Most Important/Probable Essay Writing Topics for RBI Grade B 2021 Exam

Most Important/Probable Essay Writing Topics for RBI Grade B 2021 Exam

RBI Grade B officer’s exam is one of the toughest exams in the Country. One needs to have sufficient mathematical, subjective, and general knowledge about events from all walks of life to beat it. And those who reach phase I of the exam will have to face the second phase consisting of the Descriptive Paper English Exam in RBI Phase II. To beat this exam, one needs to be best equipped with essay writing skills. For good preparation for the actual Phase II Exam, you need to practice your writing skills.

RBI Grade B Phase II Notes!

To make it easy, we are giving you some probable topics which may come in the exam. And if not, it will at least help you to write on the given topics. This article will also focus on how you can utilize the vocabulary you possess in writing a 300 0r 400-word Essay in the actual exam avoiding grammatical mistakes.

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Don’t forget, if you’ll take this paper lightly you’ll lessen your chances of getting good marks in the exam. This section carries a lot of weightage and can sometimes become a critical factor in your final selection.

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Questions & Marks in the Descriptive Paper English Exam for RBI Phase-II Exam

The Descriptive Paper English Exam comprises of 3 Sections:
• Essay of about 300 words (Word limit may differ) – 40 marks
• Précis of about 170 words (30 marks)
• Comprehension – 5 questions (30 marks)
• Time – 90 Minutes
• Full Marks – 100

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Probable Topics for the exam

Descriptive Paper English Exam in RBI Phase II invites Essays on social, technical, economical, or environmental issues. Given below are probable Essay Topics for quick and error-less preparation for the Descriptive Paper English Exam. A holistic preparation can get you good results, such as on a virtual platform that can provide you with mock tests that can instantly show results. These results can help you in understanding your own strengths and weaknesses. It can greatly help you in getting better results in the upcoming exam.

Here are some of the probable Essay topics you can practice:

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  1. Making Media impartial
  2. Property Card Scheme is a landmark in making India Self-reliant. Do you agree?
  3. Role of Social Media      
  4. RBI and Its Roles Reservation of women in Legislature
  5. Freedom of Press
  6. How do FDIs and FIIs play a crucial role in Economic Growth?
  7. Judicial reforms
  8. Measures to liquidate Cheat Funds
  9. Drug Addiction
  10. Digital Technology in India
  11. Trial by media
  12. Scope of 5G Technology in India
  13. Electoral reforms
  14. Higher Education: Issues and Challenges
  15. National Integration
  16. Value of Vote in Democracy
  17. Corporal Punishment
  18. New Education Policy
  19. Corruption in Public Life
  20. Virtual Learning or E-learning or Online Education: Opportunities and Challenges
  21. Smoking in Public Places and Other Health
  22. Stress Among the Youth
  23. Gender Discrimination in India
  24. Health and Wealth or Money is Wealth
  25. Narco Analysis Test
  26. The Importance of Communication Skills for Success in life.
  27. Police Reforms
  28. Should Digitalization and Internet be right or luxury?
  29. Nexus Between Politicians and Criminals
  30. An increasing number of people living in Old Age homes. Different opinions between elders and young ones.
  31. Religion and Politics
  32. Underemployment or Unemployment: which is worse?
  33. Secularism in India-A Myth
  34. Ensuring Employments to All

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Some more Important Essays for Descriptive Paper English Exam for RBI Phase-II Exam

  1. Financial Literacy
  2. Non-vegetarianism and Climate Change
  3. Ensuring Access to Online Education to All
  4. Inclusive Growth in India
  5. Floods in India and its Solution
  6. Future of Virtual Currency- scope in India
  7. Conservation of Water Resources
  8. Vocal for Local – Will this idea satisfy the Indian market?
  9. Indian Cinema and its Social Responsibility
  10. Women Entrepreneurship in India
  11. Role of Media in generating Public Opinion
  12. Artificial Intelligence – the pros and cons
  13. News channels have turned into Entertainment Addas
  14. Is India ready for Cybersecurity challenges?
  15. Art for Life’s sake
  16. Discuss the Socio-economic impact owing to COVID-19
  17. Public Health
  18. Lockdown: boon or bane
  19. The Mobile Revolution
  20. Sustainable Development amid COVID-19
  21. Our Higher Education System
  22. Virtual meetings and its challenges
  23. Humanism-The True worship of God, Allah, and Bhagwan
  24. Biased Media is a real threat to India. Do you agree?
  25. Right to Education
  26. Challenges of Inclusive Growth during the Pandemic
  27. The Need for Inter-religious Marriages
  28. Role of MSMEs in reviving the Indian Economy after the Pandemic
  29. Grooming Teachers for Tomorrow
  30. Universal Health Coverage in India: Challenges
  31. Sex education in Schools-Pros and Cons
  32. Towards 5 Trillion Dollar Economy: Is it a reality or a myth?
  33. Brain Drain
  34. Role of Micro Finance Organizations in Rural Development
  35. Policy on Land acquisition
  36. unorganized sector in India – a big barrier on the way to Fast Economic Growth
  37. Global Warming
  38. Role of WHO during the Pandemic
  39. Special Economic Zone (SEZ)
  40. Challenges of conduction of nationwide examinations during the pandemic
  41. Does Indian History Needs to be Re-Written
  42. Doubling Farmers’ Income by 2022: A Dream or Reality. Give your views keeping in mind the widespread of the Pandemic

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Planning the essay
It is said that well begun is half done. So, try to spend 10 minutes planning the essay and 10 minutes creating an outline for the essay and then begin writing. This time will save you from restructuring or rewriting your essay once you start writing.

Basic Essay Structure
Every single essay follows the same basic structure. This structure is divided into 3 main parts:

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Part 1: Introduction
This head should shed light on the issue or subject you want to reflect on.

Part 2: Body paragraphs
Body paragraphs contain demerits or merits or suggestions or questions to be raised etc. etc.

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Part 3: Conclusion
A perfect conclusion contains your suggestions or the take of the writer simplifying and condensing to a short paragraph.

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Practice writing the essay on new topics and Improve

Writing a five-paragraph essay of about 300 words in under 15 minutes can seem daunting, but with the right planning and time management, it certainly is achievable. Try to improve the writing speed to complete the essay-exam faster and more efficiently. The practice is the key to success. Take a watch and check the time in which you complete an essay on any new topic given above. After every attempt check the mistakes and try to rectify them in the next essay practice. Check the improvement and the time taken. Try to write as quickly as possible and try not to divert from the topic.

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Best of the Luck with the Exam!

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